Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday, Monday.....and my first challenge

Everyone loves Mondays, right? Well, usually I do, but that is due to the wonderful Diet Coke I open as soon as I get to work. Oh, how I look forward to that artificial, fizzy goodness.

But, I realize this habit isn't the healthiest. I recently went to get ice cream and was actually surprised about it didn't taste sweet at all to me...I actually wanted more sugar in it (yeah, weird I know!). I think that is because I'm used to super sweet artificial sweetners and not real sugar. That is odd for someone like me who professes to be such a healthy eater to drink so much of this stuff.

So, my first challenge is to actually give up my addiction to Diet Coke cold turkey!

I have a headache and feel very tired, but I know this is only least, that is what I keep telling myself. Anyways, onto today's eats.....

breakfast was my usual....oat bran cooked with 1 cup of milk, a sliced banana, and a tablespoon of almonds. This was the first time I've experimented cooking oat bran with milk and its wayyyyy better than making it with water! Super creamy and kinda sweet too. I also had a hard boiled egg. I recently started eating these with breakfast and love how they really fill me up. So, I try to have one everyday...or if not, at least during the work week when I can't take breaks for food like I can on the weekends at home.

today's lunch was packed from home. I really try to bring my lunch everyday to save money. I packed ham and provolone, hummus, carrots, and a yogurt. The Nature Valley granola bar is my afternoon snack before my workout. Don't know what I'm going to do this afternoon for a workout...I'll do a dvd at home, but not sure what I'm in the mood for...any suggestions?

Does anyone else have an addiction to Diet Coke (or any soft drink for that matter)? How did you get rid of it and what do you drink instead?

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